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  • Weight Loss, Fitness & Health Test Group

    Posted on February 14th, 2014 fromthemom 3 comments

    I am seeking 9 more people to participate in a TEST GROUP for a brand new program created by celebrity fitness trainer, Autumn Calabrese.

    The ’21-Day FIX’ is a brand new, unique program that includes 30-minute workouts and an easy meal plan with color-coded portion control containers that show you exactly how much you can eat.

    I am limiting this test group to 12 people (3 already committed) in order to ensure solid coaching and personal communication. I want to have the time to work with each participant closely to GUARANTEE stellar results.


    You have 10 lbs. or more to lose

    • You are fully committed to sticking with the program for the entire 21 days
    • You’ll do what it takes to get the best results & communicate daily with me via our private Facebook page.
    • You’re willing to let ME share your success story (you’ll approve it first)

    THIS WILL ALL BE DONE ONLINE (private Facebook group) and with you doing the workouts at home while working closely with me behind the scenes to ensure your success.


    I will be conducting a weekly Zoom (virtual chat) within our test group to answer your questions, offer tips and keep you accountable. This extra option adds an amazing level of support and will take your success to a new level!

    I want to work with only those who are:

    • COMMITTED to this process

    • FOCUSED on results and putting in the work it will take

    • DISCIPLINED to communicate with me/our group daily and follow through

    • POSITIVE about this journey and encouraging to fellow groupies


    If you or someone you know is interested, send me and email at:

    Michellemcox3@gmail.com for an application. Subject line: ’21-Day FIX’

    ***I am enrolling only 12 participants, so contact me right away if you’re interested. Applications will be accepted through February 27th or until group is full***


    3 responses to “Weight Loss, Fitness & Health Test Group”

    1. Hi
      I am 38 and approximately 70lbs overweight. I have made my mind up to do this change for my health and myself. Please contact me to discuss the testgroup.

      Thank you

    2. I am interested in participating. I have about 25-30lbs to lose it’s all baby fat I just haven’t been able to get rid of.

    3. Kristin — I emailed you today. Theresa, please email me if you are still interested (michellemcox3@gmail.com)

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